Alexandros Kozák

Shell scripter, web designer, discographer, and Elsie Carlisle and Maurice Elwin pundit

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Jump quickly to directories that you have visited "frecently." A native Zsh port of with added features.
A fast, asynchronous Zsh prompt with color ASCII indicators of Git, exit, SSH, virtual environment, and vi mode status. Framework-agnostic and customizable.
zcomet - Fast, Simple Zsh Plugin Manager
Color, ASCII-only Git prompt for zsh, bash, ksh93, mksh, pdksh, oksh, dash, yash, busybox ash, and osh
Display Zsh hook functions and arrays
Shell 43 1
Dotfiles for zsh, vim, tmux, and more. Now using zcomet!
Shell 37 4
Zenburn Color Schemes for Windows Terminal
Kubernetes integration for the Polyglot Prompt
Shell 5 1
Real-Time 78 rpm Equalization Curves for Equalizer APO - now with support for vertically cut records!
@agkozak's Sublime Text 4 Settings
A WordPress db-error.php drop-in that generates e-mails about database outages while displaying error messages to the general public
Zenburn Themes for mintty

My Interests